Charged with a Sexual Offence

Representation for those charged with a Sexual Offence

If you are accused of rape, historical sexual abuse, possession of illegal images of children, sexual assault or any sexual crime we can help you. Our dedicated team of lawyers are here to advise and assist you.

Charged with a Sexual Offence

This is a complex area of law and there are many sexual offences which are criminal. We help many clients in what can be the most difficult and terrible time of their life.

Being found guilty or pleading guilty to sexual offences leads to significant consequences for the individual, such as registration.

No matter what the allegation we are here to help you. We have years of experience in this area of law. From Police station interviews, representation in the Sheriff and High Court, Paterson Bell provide confidential and respectful advice.

We can advise you about the full consequences of any allegation and any potential prosecution. We do not provide this type of advice over the phone or via email, you must attend personally.

How we can help

Please contact us in the strictest confidence and we will meet with you to discuss your case.

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