Driving Offences & Speeding Offences

Representation for those charged with Driving & Speeding Related Offences

Losing you driving licence could cost you your job, your house, your family. We understand that. No matter the crime, dangerous driving, careless driving, speeding, drink driving, driving without insurance, driving without a licence we are the go to road traffic lawyers.

Driving Offences & Speeding Offences

Every day we represent individuals accused of road traffic crimes in breach of the Road Traffic Act. We save peoples licences and argue exceptional circumstances.

We can advise and represent on all aspects of road traffic law, from the worst case of death by dangerous driving, to drink driving, careless driving and speeding.

Any road traffic allegation can be challenged. Legal aid is available for most types of road traffic allegations. We will provide a competitive quote to any individual charged with a road traffic offence. Contact us and we can give you a quote now.

No matter how bad it seems we can help. We provide pre prosecution advice and full court representation. Our lawyers know road traffic law and use their experience and knowledge to assist individuals who are charged with a road traffic offence.

How we can help

We can advise you about the full consequences of any allegation and any potential prosecution. Call or email and we will provide you with advice and help.

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Contact David Bell or Martin McGuire for free and confidential advice about how we can help you, by telephone: +44(0)159 264 6600 or by email: crime@patersonbell.co.uk.