Murder or Culpable Homicide Offences

Representation for those charged with Murder or Culpable Homicide

If you are charged with murder or culpable homicide we can help you. We have very experienced lawyers who will prepare your defence and ensure that your case is fully prepared for trial. Iain M. Paterson has represented many individuals accused of murder in High Court trials, David Bell has prepared and investigated many murder cases.

Murder or Culpable Homicide Offences

We have access to the best and leading experts to assist in our investigation of the allegation. Any criminal case is extremely important to us.

If you acted in self defence or were provoked or it was an accident you can trust us to make sure your defence is before the jury. Don’t delay call Paterson Bell.

If you need a lawyer for a police interview we will attend with you day or night and advise of your rights. In many cases police interviews can be a significant part of your defence. It is crucial you receive the correct advice prior to and during any police interview. We can be there for you anywhere in Scotland.

Murder is committed when the accused has killed someone with an intention to kill or acted with ‘wicked recklessness’. Culpable homicide may be committed when the accused has caused loss of life through wrongful conduct, but there was no intention to kill or no ‘wicked recklessness’. The accused may have been provoked or their conduct may not have been so reckless to constitute ‘wicked recklessness’, but remember, accidents can happen and any accused must have the evil intention to commit a crime before being guilty.

How we can help

We can advise you about the full consequences of any allegation and any potential prosecution.

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