Theft Related Offences

Representation for those charged with Theft Related Offences

If you are accused of theft we can help you. If the police want to interview you we can advise you about that. Theft is a crime of dishonesty and can have a significant impact on your employment, future employment and many applications to financial institutions. We understand the importance and the consequences of theft allegations. Don’t delay call Paterson Bell.

Facing charges of theft?

Facing charges or questioning as a result of reported theft? An act of theft deems that a possession of value has been taken from another person with the intention to permanently deprive them of it.

This could even include failing to return borrowed items, if there is reason to believe that you don’t intend to return them e.g. by missing an agreed date with the owner of the property; or failing to take reasonable steps to reunite an owner with a lost or abandoned possession that you have claimed.

Harsher sentences are reserved for:

  • Cases where the victim is deemed vulnerable.
  • Cases where theft has been committed by an organised group or gang.
  • Cases where the theft involved sophisticated technique.
  • Cases where the theft involved abuse of a high degree of trust or responsibility

How we can help

If you require legal representation in defence of charges brought against you, Paterson Bell can investigate your case discussing likely sentence lengths based on the facts of the case and the possibility of successfully overturning the charge that has been brought against you. Call or email Paterson Bell.

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