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Paterson Bell provide legal advice and related services to companies, individuals & groups. Should any users of this website wish to rely on the content of the website in any way whatsoever, or on any responses received to enquiries made through this website in any way whatsoever, then this should be brought to the attention of Paterson Bell employees by contacting the company, through which you should state your full personal details, the applicable facts and how the person wishes to use the content or response for his/her benefit personally.

The content of this site is general in nature and should not and may not be used for specific situations or circumstances without prior contact with aforementioned Paterson Bell professionals, confirming if or if not these rulings, regulations or other factors indeed apply to your situation. Specific responses are given on specific facts provided. Any response is subject to all current applicability’s of UK laws, regulations and practice, of which may change at any given time. 

Therefore, accordingly, any user of this site or any other service that may follow from the use of this site agrees and accepts that the user accepts the consequences will, in all circumstantial situations, be “uncertain” and, hence, that no legal action whatsoever may be taken against the owners, associates, contributors, authors, publishers or any other party whatsoever in any way related to this website.

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In line and accordance with recommendations from our professional bodies, these statements and this letter confirms the basis on which we will provide services to you and not to rely on information on this website solely without consulting with a professional from Paterson Bell in order to avoid misinterpretation, misunderstandings and general ignorance of our respective responsibilities.