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International Law

We provide a full and confidential service to a number of law firms throughout the world.

If you believe your firm requires advice upon Scottish criminal law, Paterson Bell Solicitors can assist. All of our lawyers specialise only in criminal defence, and already provide a full and confidential service to a number of law firms throughout the world.

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We can assist your clients who require advice regarding any aspect of criminal investigations or prosecutions in Scotland. We provide a full and confidential service to a number of law firms throughout the world.

Assistance for International Law Firms

The earlier we become involved the more advantageous it will be for you and your client. We will provide a full and detailed outline of our fees and outlays prior to any instruction being agreed.

We can meet with you at your offices, our offices or arrange a suitably convenient location to discuss the instruction. Our lawyers are experienced in all aspects of criminal defence, police investigations and prosecution avoidance.

How we can help

We can advise you about the full consequences of any allegation and any potential prosecution. Please contact us in the strictest confidence and we will meet with you to discuss.

  • The legal advice and assistance includes all aspects of criminal allegations in Scotland, pre court police investigations, government investigations into crime, bribery allegations, fraud, money laundering, financial investigations, environmental law breaches, health and safety breaches.
  • We can advise about and attend Scottish police or regulatory interviews with your client anywhere in the world.
  • If the Scottish police or prosecution authorities are seeking information from your law firm, we can assist regarding the difficult issue of client confidentiality and lawyer/client privilege. We also provide advice regarding production orders and search warrants.
  • We can provide full and clear advice on police investigations into corporations or companies, we can advise on warrants, production orders, police statements, rights and obligations in corporate crime enquiry.
  • If your corporate client is being investigated and the Scottish police require to interview directors, office bearers or employees of the Company, we can assist as independent lawyers to advise on the rights of the company employees/directors. Such advice is independent from the company and we do not act for the company, the conflict between your firm and the employees/directors is avoided. Our advice can be given at any location including the company’s premises.
  • We can provide full court representation to your clients for any criminal allegation in any Scottish Court. The criminal Courts in Scotland are at levels depending upon the nature of the allegation. The Justice of the Peace court deals with minor road traffic infringements and minor crime. The Sheriff Court deals with more serious allegations of criminality or statutory breaches. The High Court deals with the most serious of allegations of criminality. We have experienced lawyers who appear in all courts on a daily basis.

Confidentiality Assured

Please contact Paterson Bell Solicitors in the strictest confidence and we will meet with you to discuss your case.

Contact our Kirkcaldy lawyers on 01592 646600 or our Edinburgh lawyers on 0131 225 6111 or email: crime@patersonbell.co.uk for an initial free consultation over the telephone.

Been summoned to court on a single or series of charges?

Long-established across Central Scotland and specialising in all aspects of criminal law, Paterson Bell provide confidential and impartial advice to private and legal aid funded clients.

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